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CCT Logistics provides cold and deep freeze storage for the wholesale food industry. Clients such as national food wholesalers rely on CCT Logistics for complete refrigerated logistics from the food processor to the retailer. The warehouse provides refrigerated cold storage maintaining an average temperature of 30 degrees Fahrenheit and deep freeze storage maintaining an average temperature of -10 degrees Fahrenheit . CCT Logistics is less than 5 miles from the major highways I-10 and I-65 providing non-stop highway access from Florida to California and as far north as Chicago.

CCT Logistics works directly with a national transportation company. Their combined resources offer you complete access to your inventory through the entire logistical pipeline. Need real-time management of your inventory to minimize overhead costs? CCT Logistics can provide you the information you need to make informed decisions regarding cost of inventory opportunities. Need to reroute inventory due to changing demand? CCT Logistics can make immediate changes in shipping routes to accommodate your client’s needs.

Exceptional service. Consistent environment for perishable foods. Flexible management of inventory. CCT Logistics is your logistics provider of choice.

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